The Big Rinse

Ready for Grey

It’s taken me a bit to get back to writing.. a lot going on at the ranch!  But here we are Following my natural color.  Who knew what that would be.. I’ve decided  to working with my pepper as I have a lot more than I realized… Colleen my darling talented stylist seen below, suggested coloring the part in back and at the base of my neck  a little darker and adding a rinse to the rest of my head to help wash away the line between my natural new grey and my super blonde!!

We tried doing this months ago but I just wasn’t ready.  I’m realizing that I had to live with this transition for a bit before I could really embrace it.. a combination of things has helped me move through this.. My husband is number one.. I hope he continues to call me his Silver Fox!!  And of course my Yoga is a huge factor in keeping me balanced spiritually and physically.  My latest addition is Pilates.  I only started a few weeks ago but adding that into my workout has somehow made me feel tighter and stronger.. I truly believe everything we do for ourselves is connected.  If we continue to produce these good endorphins going through the big changes in our lives can be much more seamless.  Obviously I turned a corner and I’m feeling a lot better about this transition to grey.. I know the rinse in my hair is temporary, but I’m hoping it will get me through to the next stage, and will help the growth process.  It’s definitely not for the feint of heart.. those of you opting to go this direction, hang in there It does get better!

Love and light,

Grey yogi,

Ready for Grey
New Day

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