A new Day!

In my yoga classes I always start with a brief meditation and some breath work.  And the words “every day different”  thank the Goddess for that truth!  Everyday is different. Sometimes good, sometimes not so much, but all part of our “dharma” or life journey…

A new perspective, maybe additional sleep hours.. It’s amazing what a good nights sleep can do for our outlook.  My girlfriend Jan Young called it working the night shift.. while we sleep our minds continue to work things out. Things that occurred  that day or week.. Most of us don’t remember. and some of us do.  Our dreams, our minds figure things out.  It’s part of our survival, how we keep going through think or thin.  Sometimes it’s small stuff other times its bigger.  But it’s still happening in our wonderful active minds.

Many times I get up and write things down if I can’t sleep.  Get it out of the way, and go back to bed. This enables me to sleep better most times.  Often I simply wake up with more clarity.. I find that talking with my tribe also helps clear out the cobwebs and helps me see things a bit more clearly.

Tips for a good nights sleep!

  • No TV at least one hour before sleep.
  • Try not to eat past 7pm
  • Close those rings.  Get a good work out everyday.. work in the yard do activities after work  just keep moving!!  I definitely sleep best when I exercise.  (Note to self!)

When you get in bed this evening  be thankful for another day.                                                                             Sleep Tight tonight!


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