Looking for Inspiration!

Yes I promised myself last week that I would blog something everyday, even downloaded the focus app my girlfriend Vicki suggested.  Then the puppy came.. We gave birth to a 44 lb toddler. That was Friday March 22, and here we are it’s already Monday and I’m trying to get on the program again..

Not only did we have the puppy, but Saturday 5 of our grandchildren spent the night.  Needless to say we were exhausted yesterday!    Our other two dogs are less than thrilled with the new arrival.. Our shepherd Zoe, is the sweetest dog, she loves everyone.. she sniffs the puppy like he is a foul piece of fruit.  Maybe that is because our Milos also a Cane Corso is so dominant he won’t let the puppy anywhere near Zoe.. the pecking order takes time.. meanwhile we are in teaching mode trying to keep everything running smoothly.

I think having the children around really helped with the dogs, (even though feeding and taking care of 5 kids and a puppy was a lot!)  the children brought everyone a little closer.  The older dogs love the kids and the puppy chased them all over the property.  It was exhausting and lovely.

The Last picture I took over the weekend. Happy Grand babies!

The puppy is a doll, smart and suborn, handsome, and a lot of work.  He’s perfect!

This all brings me back to my Journey to Grey hair.. I look at the pictures of me and the pup.. It feels like some other woman in the photo.  Yes I’ve gained more than a few pounds in the last few years.. But I can’t hide my head.. I’m really trying to embrace this new look, and I’m just not so sure.. Some days, like today, I want to color the hell out of it.  I’ts just so white… I don’t like feeling so up and down.  I’m not sure if it’s the process of growing it out.. Does anyone else feel this way?  Or did you during the process.  I’m wanting to feel better about aging, I have this beautiful life.  Still I’m on the fence..

I’m Looking for inspiration for this process.  Maybe there is a way to just add some color that includes my grayness.. I love not having to color it all the time.. alas, nothing is free.

Also, I’m so mad at my apple watch... does picking up a 46 lbs (I’m sure he’s grown over the weekend.) puppy not count for exercise?  I’m teaching him to stay outside.. It was going great with my husband home.. not so much for me.. I picked him up at least 20 times and put him outside.. why doesn’t that count for anything?  I’m exhausted!  It took me three hours to get through this post.. Maybe I’ll just crawl outside and lay down with the dogs…   Ok, I just took another look,, it appears my ring has moved a bit!  Not much!

Grateful for my life, loving our little ranch, embracing the now.  Trying to find my way.



3 thoughts on “Looking for Inspiration!

  1. Jody ghanem says:

    Oh Denise going through the same thing about the grey, it is so white on me to, so I am going to add highlights while it continues to grow out, then we’ll see.🤦‍♀️

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