Conversations For Women

I’m starting this blog for women in their 50’s and 60’s and for younger women who want to be involved in understanding what’s in front of them. And maybe get a little ahead of the game. Of course it’s very personal and different for all of us. But there is much that we have in common as women,and as humans. The walk to the future can be tumultuous at times. Life is filled with ups and downs. So much happiness, and much sadness as well. But there are many bridges that we all must cross if we are fortunate enough to grow older. Maybe this conversation is a way to ease this journey.

In Pattanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s there is so much talk of non-attachment, impermanence and simply letting go. We all find this is much easier to talk about than to actually practice. I’ve found that going through the same sorts of experiences over and over help lesson the burden when they creep back into our lives. Obviously there are many conversations. The women close to me have had quite a bit of loss these past few years. We will talk about many things. But right now. My Journey to grey is a very interesting topic for many of us. So please go to the next page to join the conversation.

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