Our Trip to Thousand Islands Ontario Canada

Our big summer trip to Gananoque Canada or Thousand Islands.  We went to meet friends and family. (That’s another story!)  The trip was interesting on many levels.  But the part I want to share today is the simple beauty of this part of the world. I wanted to post this now as it’s a remarkable summer getaway.  It’s time to start thinking of those hot summer months coming our way!

Last summer we traveled east to Syracuse NY.  We rented a car and drove the hour and 45 minutes north to one of the most beautiful places on earth. Gananoque Canada.

Our accommodations were perfection. A mansion from the 1800’s now enjoyed by many. We opted for a B&B http://www.1000islandsbedandbreakfast.com/ I selected the Bulloch house for several reasons, it looked absolutely lovely filled with history, and modern comforts, luxurious King beds, duvet’s and “space”. Not the dark scary B&B that we sometimes encounter, but a little step into the past and the lovely experience of  what it would feel like to live in a beautiful place and be a bit “well to do”.  If you travel and go to bungalows or B&B’s you know it’s hard to find a big bed..so that was a treat all in itself!

Everyday we ate breakfast off of authentic antique china, crystal, and beautiful silverware.  I could totally live there. The deck was so peaceful I loved it.  And each bedroom upstairs  had a deck so you can go outside and enjoy the view and amazing weather.  We had an en-suite bathroom with all the amenities of a 4 star hotel, comfortable seating, wi-fi, giant flat screen TV (that we never turned on)  and of course a king size bed.  Michele was the best hostess, she totally spoiled us, it was wonderful, and I feel like I have made a friend for life!   Summer in Gan is enchanting, flowers everywhere green grass blue beautiful river. I’ve never seen so many hydrangeas absolutely amazing!

We decided to enjoy the weather and went for a bike ride. The goal was to do everything possible outside.  We don’t get to do that so much in Las Vegas in the summer, so this was a great treat!  They had bikes at Bulloch house but we decided to rent e-bikes.. such a fun way to explore.   The Canadians are notoriously kind and we found this to be wonderfully true we made friends everywhere we went!  We went all over town, rode down to the water. Gananoque is on the St. Lawrence river, 9  miles wide in areas..  The homes were beautiful, and charming each one spoke to us in a different way.  We really enjoyed touring on bikes.

So we headed downtown!

So cool circa 1800’s They had an awesome visitors center, things to do in Gan, outdoor music on the weekends in the town center.  Fabulous! https://www.gananoque.ca/ Of course Bruce and I found our fun!  We went to Rock Port for something to eat early one evening, we found https://boathousecountryinn.com/dining/ people were talking about this great blues band that was performing,, we found the Tiki Bar, with a bandstand right on the water.  It was perfection.  Click on the link the photos are great!  We  had a ball.  We wound up there twice on our trip.  So fun!

Tequila in Rockportp!From Rock Port

.Tiki Bar a happy place!Dancing by the water

We went to the Boat Museum in downtown Gan, a treat for boat enthusiasts.http://www.tiboatmuseum.org/

Boat museum

We spent one day in Kingston with two of my favorite guys!  What a great town.  So much history, filled with beautiful limestone buildings, cobbled roads, awesome entertainment and great restaurants.

If we went back to that part of the world I would like to make it a boat trip.  Maybe explore the Islands a little bit more, and maybe the great lakes. It’s so cool people have boat houses there, I’ve only read about these.  And they live on Islands that you can only get to by boat.  I’m fascinated by this possibility.  I think you would have to always be very prepared for the unexpected.

We have so much to see in North America, I’m really looking forward to my next adventure.  I don’t know if I could spend the whole summer in Gan. I would like to explore a bit more.  We had a really great time.  We met new wonderful people that have changed my life on so many levels.

Hope you all had a great summer!  Blessings from Las Vegas!




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