7 Months into my transition to Grey.

Well it’s month 7 (the middle of March) and I’m still liking my new hair. I went to the salon last week thinking I was going to get a little pepper added in to help with my transition. My stylist was concerned that I would be going back to the same color drama. So we just did the purple L’Oreal shampoo she left it on for 3 or 4 minutes and it kind of took the line out. I had the second round of platinum highlights put in back in November and they have held pretty well. I’ve read a lot of blogs from people saying not to add blonde or platinum highlights. I think if you are already blonde that it works pretty well. I have been using the purple shampoo and switching it out with the oleplex. My hair feels healthy and strong. We also did a shades clear glaze last time to coat the hair and give my new salt and peppa a little weight. I think the overall health of my hair has helped me through this. And I’m getting used to looking into the mirror and seeing this new woman.. My husband calls me his “Silver Fox”.. I do love that..

I have a long way to go. But as you can see I’m mostly pretty happy these days. Blessings,


No make up aghh.. But you can see how the grey is blending with my blonde, and my pepper is blending around my face. I actually like that part the best! This was February 25th.
With my good friend, also Denise at Christmas. Peppa was just starting to make an appearance!
At the Golden Knights game with my guy about a month ago.. Having fun.. I took off my hat!
This was in January. Just about the time I started to embrace the grey.. A little party is always helpful!
And this is today Wednesday March 13, in my home office working on my blog. Still no makeup.. oh well. I might look older.. But I am older. I’m proud of my age and I’m proud of my low maintenance lifestyle. Grateful for the gifts I’ve been allotted!

2 thoughts on “7 Months into my transition to Grey.

  1. Danielle says:

    I had sropped dying my hair 2 years ago and it actually was liberating- love the heathy shiny hair I now have – let’s make it cool to be grey!

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