Yoga for Autism certified instructor

An amazing week spent at Integral Yoga Institute! I’ve learned so much at this intensive.  I’m honored to be certified and able to reach out and teach yoga in the Autistic community!  I am also now certified in Reiki 1, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now!  This yoga science is more about love and compassion and giving the kids what they need.  Balancing the governing and central systems and balancing meridians. All of this can be done with  yoga. It helps ground the kids keeping them in a more comfortable space. Along with good nutrition (which is a whole other conversation).. But is a huge problem for these kids, along with the inability to communicate what doesn’t feel good. It’s our job to listen.  Adapt, adjust, accommodate!

Im looking forward to serving in our community and sharing this knowledge with you!

Currently in SF waiting for the weather to clear in LV!  I’m so pleased for the beautiful rain in our desert! Something we all really love and are grateful for!

Love and light!



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