Continuing my yoga journey May 12, 2015

Today I leave for Sanfrancisco to begin my journey in “Yoga for Autism”. I haven’t been to SF since before 9/11 I can’t believe its been so long! The city of my birth.  So here I am Looking forward to seeing SF through different eyes.  Tomorrow the first day we get to meet with families with Autism and listen to their experiences.

In the past when attending  these type of trainings I’m in the company of amazing people who really walk the talk.  I always walk away humbled. I assume this experience will be of the same nature.   I Met a group of yogi’s at a yoga conference a few  years ago. They were amazing and I kept their info close, I thought about them often but it just didn’t work out for me to be able to attend a training I had scheduling conflict or personal things to attend to. But this trip unfolded with ease, having already planned a trip to the City to meet friends for the Bay to Breakers race the wheels were already in motion!  I have several good friends who have children on the spectrum, but  my  impetus for this training is really about my girlfriend Kristine and her son Marley. I’ve watched this amazing woman jump hurdle after hurdle since Marley was diagnosed with Autism.  Recently Marley has “aged out of school”.  That’s right he has no where to go every day he just stays home, missing the interaction of his class mates and teachers.. New programs arise more and more in Clark County but we are sorely lacking especially for the family who is not destitute but not wealthy either.  I have some ideas about how to help but first things first, training for me! Knowledge is power and I’m getting stronger every year!

Now I’m sitting on Virgin America getting ready to take off! Side bar I just watched the best pre-flight video ever!  My first time on the Virgin, it’s like a space ship! So nice! Off to connect with old friends and meet with new! I will  keep you all posted.

Thank you for your love and support



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