God is in everything

God manifested as creation.  God is in everything.  It’s so easy to lose track of this truth.  It’s especially easy to forget when we’re facing things we don’t like and aren’t happy with, or people who don’t behave the way we think they should.

Recognizing and remembering – again and again – that God is everywhere and in everything will change our life.  Seeing God everywhere and in everyone will make it all sacred.  We can live in holiness.  We will more and more fully rise into God’s never-ending flow of grace.

If we are in this space of God – how could we be anything but calm, kind and loving?

But don’t wait to be enlightened to be kind and loving!  Do it now.  Practice and practice.  Do it when it’s easy.  Do it when it’s hard.  Make it your habit.  This practice will bring you more fully into God, and in turn make it easier to be calm, kind and loving.  It will become easier to see God in everything and everyone.

May God bless you and me in this endeavor.  Does any other matter?  As I write this I can feel God in you.  What a beautiful recognition it is!  May you also know that God is in you.


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