Healing Hands

imagesThe power of touch is so wonderfully amazing.  It’s something that we don’t talk about or think about so much, but many of us aren’t simply touched daily in a nourishing safe healing way.  The use of aromatherapy products has opened this in a broader sense  in my classes.  Usually a Yoga teacher touches you to adjust your body in a Yoga Asana.  But finding a way to adjust with love is a great gift, and the use of the product during Savasana is almost always a welcome gift.  I enjoy this part of my teaching,  healing hands are something we all need , I have learned that it’s has great appeal to have a really relaxing hands on experience in Savasana especially after a particularly active vinyasa class!! I’m so pleased to say that I enjoy giving that part of class as much or more than I do when I take a class and I’m on the other side.

Maybe it’s time to take a break outside of class and have little body work done.  It’s part of the yogic tradition and strong in Ayurvedic  practice body massage is not only relaxing but a way to purge the body of toxins.   So to all of my students I send my love and light and encourage all of you to take some time for yourself.  Love your body.  Strong body, strong mind.IMG_1752


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