Aging out of School when you have Autism

Lets start a dialog about Autism and aging out of school.   I’ve been watching my friends go through this difficult time as their children (young adults) have no where to go everyday.  It’s a growing problem in our nation, and a pretty big issue in Nevada as we are severely lacking in services whether you have money or whether you don’t.  I’ve been trying to find numbers of people who are being aged out of school in Clark County, right now we have over 7 thousand children under the age of 18 with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  In 1992 approximately 250 children were born in Clark County with ASD.  This is not including the children that came before, or the ones who moved here from other states, or have left the state.  But as a Las Vegas girl doing the numbers, it’s fair to say that we probably have closer to 500 people with ASD who have no where to go everyday, no routine, no place with other people to grow and learn and laugh with.  I propose a Ashram Environment for people who are over 18, a place to go and do yoga, reiki, sing, dance and breathe.    Lets send out love and light for this journey.  Maybe if we work together we can make something happen!DSC_0531

I would like to start a dialog concerning this growing problem.

More tomorrow.


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